It was my master who led me text in Schambhala that made me really realize this with the cells in the body.

What really happens in our physical body

Here is the text

We look like physical bodies
But we are atoms, clean energy.

Scientific research has confirmed this fact.

When we look closely at the atoms, we discover the first particles and when we then review them even more closely, we see that the particles disappear in the pattern of clean energy at a certain level of vibration.

If we consider what we eat from this perspective, we see that what we put into our bodies as food affects our vibrational state.

Certain foods increase the energy and vibration, while the other decreases it.

All disease is due to a reduction in vibration energy and when our energy has dropped to a certain level, there are natural forces in the world who are determined to resolve our bodies.

When something dies loses body cells immediately its vibration and get a very acidic chemistry.

The acidic condition is signaling to the world of microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi that it is time to break down the dead tissue.

This is their task in the physical universe.

When we lose power, we become susceptible to disease.

Foods that leave acid wastes in our bodies
• Heavy food that has boiled for too long, they are overly prepared and sweet
• Meat
• Dairy products
• Confectionery
• Alcohol
• Coffee
• Cutest fruits

We need alkaline food (live feed)

• Fresh vegetables
• Leafy vegetables
• Sprouts
• Tomatoes
• Avocados
• Grapefruit
• Citric

Although the body has a high surhetshalt the situation can be reversed, and we improve our diets and strive for an alkaline higher energy state.

Important to also move their body and have positive thoughts

I personally use ASEA just to strengthen my body cells so that then do not become sour in chemistry and broken down.

Although such negativity affect our energy and in turn affect our mental and physical health.

I can give more good advice that made changes in my and other people's lives.

We also have interesting courses in personal development if you are interested in such things.

Please let me know if you are curious to know more, tell me please.

You can also visit my website to learn more about ASEA & even RENU28

Joy & Inspiration

Pernilla Varga Franzen
health Consultant




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